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We are all accustomed in hearing about great benefits when CBD oil is used internally.

Some of the benefits are: better sleep, better focus, less anxiety, relieving chronic inflammation, balancing mind and body and many more. 

However CBD is amazing also for your skin, scalp and hair!

Beauty Care:

CBD is an anti- inflammatory antioxidant that counter acts free radical damage and has sell regenerative properties as it induces apoptosis. We can trust that CBD brings many benefits to our skin and hair care routines. It is great product for sensitive skin and can also be used as an anti age product. It has anti- inflammatory properties on the skin cells called sebocytes which produce sebum and helps to prevent and treat breakouts and other skins impurities. 

It also offers relieve for the skin that is itchy and dry. Combined with quality ingredients it is one of the best things nature can offer in contribution for taking care of beautiful, healthy skin and hair. 

Inflammation and itchiness of the skin:

Many skin conditions produce symptoms like inflammation, pain and itchiness. All these are regulated by our endocannabinoid system. CBD helps re-build and maintain the homeostasis which is a balanced state of our body. This balance creates great benefits to our skin and body and helps maintain our health.

In this study it is found that histamine-induced itch is relieved with introducing CBD in our system. Skin aliments like rashes and eczema can be treated and relieved with CBD topicals.


Being anti- inflammatory CBD helps to reduce the infection and redness which comes with acne. 

One study suggests that CBD may primarily normalise both quantitatively and qualitatively excessive and abnormal lipid production induced by acne-promoting stimuli.

Also small study conducted looks very promising in possibility that CBD can also diminish scarring. 

Bug bites:

Don´ t we all just love summer! Until we remember the little down side to it. The mosquitos!

The itchy, red and swollen skin benefits greatly by anti- inflammatory effects of CBD. It calms itching and irritation and reduces local inflammation and swelling. 

Try it also on the nettle stings!   

Try adding CBD and Lavender essential oil to small amount of Aloe Vera Gel and enjoy the calm this quick and easy itch relief mix brings. 


Study suggests that CBD can shut down the receptors responsible in producing excess skin growth which occurs in psoriasis. 

Also this study is suggesting benefits of CBD in treating psoriasis.

CBD can also help with inflammatory conditions and pain caused by psoriasis. It also relieves pain in joints and muscles for people who have psoriatic arthritis. 


Scalp and Hair:

CBD has a lot of nutrients and if you have dry, itchy, inflamed scalp you will benefit from adding CBD oil to your routine. It also promotes hair growth as it increases blood circulation and feeds hair follicles with vitamins and amino acids. 

This study suggests that our cannabinoid system is a key player in controlling cell growth.

By controlling hormone regulation CBD also helps with hair loss caused by hormonal changes. 

In conclusion we can definitely say that adding CBD to your beauty care will bring whole body benefits!

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